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App update available! V4.1.1

Posted by AaronClausen

 30 Aug 2022

Hi All,

Gaelian has successfully deployed an important update to the NatureMapr mobile app and is its now available for download for both Apple and Android.

Please make sure you update your app and are running the latest 4.1.1 version. 




Jenjen wrote:
   2 Sep 2022
Thanks Aaron and Gaelian. Works perfect after deleting and reinstalling from the App Store😎.
jksmits wrote:
   8 Sep 2022
Thanks everyone for reporting the “upside down-ness”. Devs are looking into it. Apologies for the vertigo!
Fuschia wrote:
   18 Sep 2022
Hi there, am having trouble applying species names that are not on your list. Do you update your list once confirmed? Also why is it showing these species as non locals when they are?
JaneR wrote:
   2 Oct 2022

The upside-down or weird orientation of uploaded photos is currently a problem for me, so I thought I set out the routine I have used since joining CNM in late 2018, and which has been OK until recently.
And yes - its a bit laborious ! (but suits me).
1. Take photos (using an iPhone mini 12).
2. Download from phone to a photo archive on my PC (Windows 10) to sort, ID and archive.
3. Upload pre-selected from PC to CNM via 'Add a sighting' using web of CNM (version of CNM unknown)

This process doesn't use the app, because I like to vet photos on a big screen and check for details.

Hopefully someone will have some insights or advice
michaelb wrote:
   5 Oct 2022
According to regular contributor Mike: "If you use your phone sideways (landscape) everything is fine."
   9 Oct 2022
Thanks for this guys. Having a look at this now and will try to resolve today.
   9 Oct 2022
Hi All, the image rotation issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

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